NGO / NPO / Private Sector Partners

Vula Youth Development

Vula Youth Development is a registered non-profit company. Their main objective is to run peer education programmes, trainings and workshops to build confidence, capacity, creativity, life- and leadership skills for youth in highschool and tertiary institutions in rural and less advantaged communities through the use of performing arts namely drama, dance and music, as well as creating safe spaces and facilitating constructive and creative dialogue amongst the youth.

Vula has been working with ACCESS on the Habitable Planet Workshop (HPW) programme since 2011. From there onwards Vula has been co-designing and co-facilitating the HPW programme. Vula has been most instrumental in the launch of the “leadership programmes”. Broadening the training from science aspects to leadership and personal development, most importantly co-creating the HPW schools and “Local Organising Committee” Programme.

Contact: Peter Schaupp

Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC)

ACCESS is working with CORC on a new research proposal in climate and health.

Contact person:  Charlton Ziervogel