International Partners

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology

JAMTEC have partnered with ACCESS on several projects. We work with the Application Laboratory at JAMSTEC on climate science and seasonality funded mostly by the SATREPS programme.

Contact: Professor Swadhin Behera

Tokyo University 

ACCESS works on climate and health matters with Graduate School of Medicine Department of Global Health Policy.

Contact: Professor Masahiro Hashizume

University of Nagasaki 

ACCESS works on climate and health matters with the Institute of Tropical Medicine at the University of Nagasaki. 

Contact: Professor Noboru Minakawa

University of Rhode Island

ACCESS works on marine and coastal projects with the Graduate School of Oceanography.  

Contact: Dr Sarah Gaines

University of Namibia

ACCESS works on marine and coastal projects with the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Contact: Professor Hilkka Njaula

Scientific Committee of Problems of the Environment

Dr Neville Sweijd is the Vice {resident of SCOPE. He is also the Editor in Chief of the SCOPE journal Environmental Development (Elsevier).  

Contact: Professor Jon Samseth

World Meteorological Organization

ACCESS works on several activties with the WMO and with the WHO-WMO CLIMATE AND HEALTH OFFICE.

Contact: Dr Joy Shumake-Guillemot

Science Partnerships for the Adaptation to Complex Earth System Processes in Southern Africa

ACCESS works with several German partners through the SPACES progarmme.

 Johns Hopkins University

ACCESS works with JHU Hydroclimate Research Group on activities related to COVID19.

Contact: Professor Benjamin Zaitchick

UK Met Office

Together with several other partners, ACCESS works with UK Met Office on the Weather and Climate Science for Service Partnership South Africa (WCSSP-SA).

Contact: Dr Joseph Daron

Elsevier Publishers

ACCESS Director, Dr Neville Sweijd is co-Editor in Chief of the Elsevier Journal Environmental Development.

The Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management 

ACCESS and partners co-operate in projects and activities under the auspices of the SASSCAL programme.

Contact:  Dr Jane Olwoch

The Benguela Current Convention

ACCESS engages with the BCC on a number of marine and coastal related projects and activities. 

University of Nairobi 

In July 2013 the University of Nairobi partnered with ACCESS to host the first ever Habitable Planet Workshop in Kenya.

University of Ghana

Durring the COVID-19 Pandemic the University of Ghana partnered with ACCESS to host the Fart Apart- Science Together (FAST) workshops, brinign together students from South and West Africa to learn about climate change related topics.

Contact: Dr Joseph Ansong